Kate Johnson

RN, BN, B App Sci (Health Promotion), Grad Cert Nursing (Paediatrics), APLS Accredited, Nurse Immunizer, Master of Nursing (Education)

Kate is well known for sharing her knowledge and love of Paediatric Nursing with anyone and everyone! She is a fun, engaging presenter with an extensive Paediatric Nursing background.

Kate has worked in numerous areas such as Paediatric ED, NICU, Children’s Cancer Centre, Diabetes Ambulatory Care, Paediatric medical/surgical and specialty wards. She is an accredited Nurse Immunizer, CVAD, Anaphylaxis and Immunization Emergency Response, and Chemotherapy accredited. She is also APLS qualified.

Her education roles have included working as a sessional educator at Deakin University, Clinical Nurse Specialist at a major metropolitan hospital Paediatric ward and she has recently completed a Master of Nursing in Education.

Kate is currently working as the Paediatric Access Coordinator at a major Melbourne teaching hospital. Kate has a wealth of knowledge to share, a great sense of humour, and many stories to tell!