Midwifery Short Course

Are you confident interpreting CTG traces?

Can you safely and effectively care for a labouring woman with an epidural?

Are you doing your best to help mothers who want to breast feed their babies?

This course covers three important midwifery topics and will provide the knowledge and skills for midwives to accurately interpret CTG tracings, educate and support breastfeeding women and manage the care of women in labour with an epidural.

Topics include:

• Physiology of CTG traces
• CTG traces:
The reassuring trace
The non-reassuring trace
• Clinical application of CTG interpretation knowledge

• Anatomy of epidural
• Epidural pharmacology: Local anaesthetics
• Commencing an epidural
• Nursing management of an epidural
• Management of common epidural complications 

• Anatomy and physiology of breastfeeding & lactation
• Advantages of breast feeding for the mother and the infant
• Principles of breast feeding:
The term baby
The immature/sick neonate
• Tips on educating women
• Breast feeding equipment
• Common problems and interventions
• Clinical application of breast feeding knowledge

CPD hours: 7.5

Cost: contact us

Presenter: Jennifer Fielding


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