Assessment and Care of the Paediatric Patient

Would you know how to recognise and care for an unwell child?

This course is designed for healthcare providers including nurses and paramedics who work with paediatric patients. It provides the fundamental knowledge and skills for the assessment and management of the unwell child. It includes information on common childhood illnesses and their management, paediatric medications and more!<

Topics include:

• Paediatric assessment:
Primary assessment, across the room assessment and observation
Secondary assessment: Respiratory, cardiovascular and neurological assessment

• Common childhood illnesses and their management
• Recognising and managing the deteriorating paediatric patient
• Dehydration, IV therapy, NGT insertion and feeding requirements
• Specimen collection: Blood, NP aspirates, urine
• Paediatric medications:
Common medications, doses and considerations

• Assessing and managing paediatric pain

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CPD hours: 5.5

Presenter: Kate Johnson

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